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Fuel Perks at Bi-Lo

Update 11/17/2011
Bi-Lo is offering double fuel perks for GC (gift card) purchases!!
OK what does that mean, and why would I buy my gift cards at the grocery store?
If you are on a budget, even if you aren't, you can buy for everyone on your list and get fuel perks! If I know that Jared wants a new battery operated tool from Home Depot, and it is around $100, well I am going to go buy a $100 GC from Bi-Lo and get 20cents in fuel perks rather than just the ordinary 10cents. Now I am up to $4 in savings......just for buying a gift card while on my normal grocery outing. Now think about the gift card stand in your store.....and your list......how much do you think you could save???

If you read my blog on a regular you know that I always say that I never pay full price for anything. Well folks that includes gas! Check this out!

I needed gas, so of course I check my latest receipt from Bi-Lo to find that I have 75cents in fuel perks. If you don't know what fuel perks are let me give you a broad overview. This is a partnership with Shell gas stations, and you must upgrade your bonus card to the new one that has the fuel perk logo on it. You are rewarded 5cents off per gallon for every $50 you spend at Bi-Lo. That may not seem like a lot, and no one has been able to fully explain what total gives you the reward. As a couponer I may have $250 in groceries but after the bonus card savings then coupons I am down to $100 (for mathematical reasons). I am not sure if the reward would be 25 cents for the $250 or 10cents for the $100 after all discounts have been given. Most would think that it would be easy to figure out just by looking at the receipt but it isn't, or maybe it's another blonde moment, who knows.
Anyways on with the story, you may redeem the perks by first inserting your wallet sized bonus card then your credit card at the pump. You can redeem up to 20 gallons with the perks that you have earned. In my opinion it would not make sense to use the perks on anything less than 20gallons because once you use them they are gone, meaning if you only get 5 gallons you have lost the discount on the remaining 15 gallons.
Yesterday I filled up my van, well almost lol, I pumped 20 gallons for under $39.00!! I can't even remember the last time that I filled up for under $40.
Bi-Lo offers great deal to get double fuel perks, or even an additional 20cents if you purchase certain items together in one transaction. Last week the offer was an additional 20 cents for purchasing 6 Kraft items in one transaction. The Kraft salad dressings were on sale B1G1, I combined a coupon for $1.50/2. I bought 6 salad dressings and received the additional 20cents plus the normal 5cents for every $50.

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